Everyday Customers spend a Billion minutes waiting on the phone.

CallSpace engages the Customer by delivering promotions, Customer Loyalty offerings, Coupons, Discount programs & Partner advertising.

Build Customer Engagement

Organizations are able to engage customer in a meaningful way.

Build Brand Equity

Content driven, value based customer engagement creates Brand equity.

Real time content Management

Content can be customized to realtime customer behaviour

Gather Critical Consumer Intelligence

Obtain valuable insight into consumer behavior based on their selection patterns.

Create Revenue Opportunity

Engage customers with relevent content to generate additional revenue.

Grab Customer Attention

1:1 engagement allows you to grab customer attention.

Bring 1:1 content

Organizations are able to customize content relevant to consumer.

Build Customer Loyalty

Generate customer loyalty through value based offerings.

Channel control

Total channel control for brand promotion.

Why CallSpace ? CallSpace Experience [csX]

CallSpace identifies and scores your caller and extends your brand experience based on your customers profile.

How it works
CallSpace, a mobile based Marketing/Advertising/Customer Engagement channel backed by patented technology has been created to engage the customer through “Smart Advertising Attention Spend” TM (SAAS).

“Smart Advertising Attention Spend” TM -

    • CallSpace is a SMART solution which utilizes CRM and integrates with clients' CRM strategy as it engages the customer.
    • CallSpace is a customer engagement ADVERTISING channel.
    • CallSpace delivers ATTENTION grabbing relevant content to the consumer to enhance experience/engage with them.
    • CallSpace segments consumers' based on clients CRM strategy, to create a higher ROI and Revenue opportunities from the advertising SPEND.

CallSpace Experience [csX]

Fill wasted space with experience engagement and revenue
Hear the Difference
Fill wasted space with experience engagement and revenue
Hear the Difference

See the difference