Leverage SMAC to deliver bang for your marketing buck..

Marketing, as we know traditionally, is being revamped to the core in the Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) age today. The CMO’s of today are increasingly finding the CTO’s to be their best buddies. Both together have evolved the way we look at enterprise marketing by accessing Social Media platforms, Mobile Apps and customer data analytics. The SMAC field is evolving at a rapid rate to give newer weapons to your marketing organizations. Unfortunately, the application of such technology to marketing hasn’t kept pace due to time pressures and implementation complexities at both levels.
Companies like CallSpace Inc. are trying to address this problem by providing a differentiated SAAS (Smart Advertising Attention Spend™) solution to engage customers while they wait for your call center agents. The solution leverages mobility and Analytics to deliver quick ROI in the Pre-hold time for customers. It’s a win-win situation for the call center and Marketing folks to be able to deliver a focused pitch in dead wait period.
The technology based marketing solutions like these need to reach the right audience to be able to deliver ROI to implementing organizations. For example, a US based retail giant uses the call wait period smartly to pitch for his new products. Can the newer analytics tools like Big Data make it more interesting? Can the solution know more about the customer and pitch the right product rather than a new product? That’s where technology like Smart Advertising Attention Spend™ will play a key role in days to come.