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According to a recent study, contact centers with a sizeable number of agents can have a greater effect than mass advertising. If we take a modest example of a contact center with 200 agents, each one handling only 50 calls per day, a company has an opportunity to interact with 10,000 customers every day or over 3.5 million every year! Ask your marketing team what it would mean to have an opportunity for direct customer communication over a period of one year!

Having this great potential for direct consumer interaction, I believe every company should take the effort to make the most of each call that they receive.
Contact centers can play a vital role in extending your brand experience to the phone calls by leveraging this direct interaction with the customer. This gives them a great potential to build on company’s brand loyalty by making Customer Experience as the core focus of their contact center.

Why do Contact Centers need to wear your brand?
In looking at the impact of each contact center’s interaction with customers, it is apparent that companies have to ensure that their contact centers wear the brand ethos in a profound and attractive way. Some of the following reasons will help you reiterate and understand it better:
• They are the first human contact point between the company and the customer
• The customer perceives the values of the company by how they interact with him.
• Their ability to carry your brand will lead to customer’s personal connection.

What can you do to ensure uniform experience across multiple channels of communication?
Contact centers are an important channel of communication between the company and the customers which has a human2human connection. While other digital channels of communication including the social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram are very relevant, they still do not replicate a customer’s need for a live human interaction. Digital channels offer an opportunity to create audiovisual branding to attract customer attention, yet a human interaction which lacks that AV branding can offset that with the conversation reflecting the brand pillars. You need to make sure that there is a uniformity of experience across all these channels in order to establish your brand in a big way. Following are some of the points you can keep in mind to ensure this uniformity.

  • Advertise Internally:You need to spell out your brand message to your employees the way you want them to portray it to your customers
  • Be consistent:Have a consistent message across all stakeholders, including your Contact Center associates. Carry the consistency across all the channels of communication
  • Synchronize the change:Make sure that changes to the messaging are conveyed to all stakeholders across various channels at same time
  • Don’t Miss the Implicit:An area that companies usually miss is the Hold times at your contact center. Make sure that the interactions during on-call hold periods also carry your personalized messages.


According to recent statistics, 86% of customer contact centers use multiple channels of communication, and 74% of the customers use more than 3 channels for customer service related issues. Hence, cross-channel consistency of customer experience is important to Customer Brand perception.
Non-branding can drive away customers
We do know, how branding can create customer experience and brand equity, however, what happens when there is no branding. It is also important to note that non-branding can have adverse effects on your company. Branding not only builds trust and recognition but it also helps employees to connect to the company and build loyalty. Non-branding or poor/blurred branding can actually drive customers away because if they don’t connect to the brand, they won’t be attracted to it. Hence it is important to have the right message and platform to get your brand the recognition that it deserves.

Strengthen your brand by building a strong association at your Contact Center!!!


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