Meaningful Communication with Customers – Are you Listening?

Pete has his marriage anniversary around the corner and is contemplating going on a vacation for some time. But mundane tasks keep him away; like getting his Credit Card billing cycle changed. He connects to his Bank’s Call Center and is put on hold with music. While the Bank’s teams have been working hard on a new cashback offer launch and new restaurant partners. Pete is desperate to finish the call and get on with his other tasks. He does so and moves on.

Getting Pete’s attention about the new offers and restaurant where Pete can use his card is the primary reason for the existence of the Bank’s marketing and advertising team. What if they were able to connect with him at a deeper level; was it a missed opportunity to earn his trust and long-term loyalty? You would say that communication is a two-way street. So, when you send your message through the traditional channels of advertising (New card launch, new restaurant), you are only conveying your message… but are you listening?

You cannot call the above a conversation, right? You need to have a real conversation with Pete and apparently, the phone is the best medium to engage your existing and potential customers. That’s where solutions based on Smart Advertising Attention Spend™ (SAAS) will help you communicate meaningfully with your customers while you have their attention.

Why direct customer engagement is important

Customers spend more if they feel businesses connecting with them on a personal level. However, many have burnt fingers in the recent downturns and are cautious before spending. Campaigns, Mega sales events, TV Ads used to work initially, but today. “Direct customer engagement is the greatest predictor of business growth,” says emerging science of behavioral economics. Studies show that majority of the customers buy from their heart and not with their head.

How do you listen?

Everyday customers spend lots of time waiting on the phone and this time space can be used effectively.  CallSpace’s SAAS platform creates customer engagement and experience while they are still on hold on the call. The solution creates brand equity by focusing on satisfaction and expressive communication with customers. Analysing customer’s selection pattern and providing valuable insight into customer’s behavior helps you deliver the relevant message to customers like Pete. 

Now let’s go through Pete’s call in a CallSpace Experience (CsX): Pete connects to his Bank’s Call Center and the call is put on hold. Pete is prompted with a voice message which reminds him of his anniversary and offers a dinner coupon on credit spend above X dollars in next 3 days!! Voila! Pete is engaged and Listening.

Hope you are listening!

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