Smartphone Users: Getting the Horse to the water… and making it drink!

A recent survey shows that 80% of internet users own a smartphone and 51% of the time spent by people on social media is through mobile devices. Users are creating a large digital footprint today and businesses have taken cognizance of the same. While the marketing strategy does seem to have gone mobile, few understand the needs and behavior of the mobile users and hence, find it challenging to make a right pitch. If one wants to maximize their reach through mobile based marketing, one needsto understand the behavior of mobile users.

Analyze mobile users’ behavior

  • Mobile users are short on time and multi-tasking. They want to have a seamless experience regardless of what they are using their mobile for.
  • Most users lose patience, especially when it comes to holding the lineor communicating with the call center agents. So, you need to convey a relevant message quickly and drive your customers to act Now!
  • Mobile users are active 24 x 7 and are looking for instant gratification. Making the most of this time can result in better conversion rate.

The marketing strategists have channelized the changing behavior of smartphone users through innovative technologies like chatbot and in-call advertising. Customers do not want to spend time understanding irrelevant stuff or listening to music. They would be happier if you offered a service/product they were looking for…. Or even better, they haven’t thought of!

Customers are getting impatient

Customers get annoyed when they have to hold the line for an extended period of time before they talk to the call center agents. Today, they are not going to wait and listen to the music or empty call time. They will hang up; and look for another vendor or write negative words about your business.

They do not like stereotypes…

During the initial days of television, the advertisements, and the programs were excellent sources to get in touch with customers and viewers. Today, themajority of the smartphoneusers find advertisements on television boring and stereotyped.

Getting the horse to the water..

The New-age technology solutions like Chabot and In-Call advertising make sure efficient and crisp message is delivered to your customer. These advertising techniques can beleveraged to enhance the customer reach and satisfaction without denting your overall profitability.

…and making it drink!

The technology evolution has helped to bring the customer to your doorstep. Now, what will drive the next step resulting in the actual actionable result (purchase)? Patented tech like Smart Advertising Attention Spend uses Big Data and your CRM suite to analyze customer behavior and provide specific offers to him/her. 16-20% more customers make a purchase based on an in-call hold offer… Wouldn’t that mean a real drink to you??

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