Humanize the Customer (Call) experience

Jim calls his cable provider to upgrade his cable plan, only to be greeted by……….Thanks for calling XXXX, your call is important to us. Please be on the line and an agent will be with you shortly”.

How do you like the mechanical voice when you need assistance with a product or service? You obviously deny the conversation. 61% of consumers prefer human interaction when it comes to customer services like resolving issues, offering some feedback or assistance with a product or service. It is difficult to connect with a mechanical voice in the time when you need help, whereas a human voice makes you involved in the conversation. In the machine-obsessed world, call centers are becoming more machine driven.  The automated answers and stereotypical responses of agents are driving the customers crazy.

However, several companies still fail to provide a true customer service that is the most vital part to make a successful business. Human experience is what a consumer seeks when they engage your customer support. How can you make the customer service an interaction that services your customer:

  1. Respond Quickly, Even if You Don’t Have an Immediate Solution

When customers come up with a query with your company’s product or service, make an effort to supply them with a personalized response as soon as possible. At times even if you don’t have an immediate solution, you must be prompt enough with your responses. By spending some quick seconds acknowledging your customer’s inquiry and promising to find a solution, you can augment customer’s assurance and give yourself time to find a way to resolve the crisis.

  1. Communicate Like a Human

In the ennui of company jargon, the customer service representatives often get lost and provide less personal experience to the customers. To avoid such monotone, be friendly in your gesture while talking to the clients. It is always good to refer to them by their first names and be genuinely interested in the conversation when you strike one. Such gestures gain you the customer’s confidence and trust.

  1. Personalize On-Hold time

While putting customer’s On-hold is inevitable, the time can be managed well if you are prepared for the same. There are several technologies that allow you to manage this space.. right from plain music to silence to technology which can engage the customer through audio, video, chats,  offers etc. for the On-call customer. A well-managed On-hold experience helps reduce anxiety while improving customer satisfaction.

  1. Don’t Overpromise

It is very important for you to understand that there is a fine line of difference between promising to solve an issue and over-promising.  It is essential, to be honest with your customer about the things you can do for them along with being friendly. Be more humanistic in approach, apologize for your inconvenience for which the customers were troubled, confess your faults. Transparency grants customers more personalized experience and constructs trust in your brand.

  1. Put yourselves in their shoes

You must think like a customer in order to make customer service more human. This will help you in anticipating the common questions that may arise after your company provides a new service or product. Make a list of all the initial inquiries and answer them. Always try to provide additional information about the service or product for the benefit of the customer and answer all the additional questions that might arise.

Humanizing the Call centers feels cost intensive when viewed from a pure cost perspective, however, when done right the Brand Loyalty it creates, it adds ROI for the company. Tell your marketing team that you have 2.5 minutes of your customer’s undivided attention and they will gladly turn these 2.5 minutes into a branded customer experience!!!!